Our Cocktail Menu

Sip Down Be Humboldt
Jameson Caskmates IPA, lemon, pamplemousse grapefruit liqueur, CBD hemp oil, IPA reduction, cardamom bitters
The F^&%ing Catalina Wine Mixer
Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, Domaine Sainté Bored-O-ROUGE wine nectar, lemon, R&D house bitters
Fistful Of Dynamite
Mezcal El Silencio tequila, Chareau aloe liqueur, lemon, cucumber-jalapeño agave, celery bitters, R&D fire bitters
Don’t Look Starboard
Dashi infused gin, lemon, honey, ginger, sesame oil
Tripping On Daisies And Daffodils
Hibiscus infused tequila, dimmi, falernum, R&D cherry apple bitters, acid phosphate, rose water
Candy Bracelets
Old Forester bourbon, lemon, blood orange, blackberry, demerara, R&D house bitters
What’s My Age Again?
Russel’s Reserve single barrel bourbon, Jägermeister, honey, R&D aromatic #7 bitters
Happy Little Trees
St. George Terroir gin, lime, forest infused demerara, R&D smoked bitters
Still Don’t Know What Day It Is…
Brugal 1888 rum, orange, Galliano, lemon, Giffard vanilla, R&D house bitters
Gin Mare, Papa George’s pickle brine, Mancino secco vermouth, infused olive oil
Keech & Dietz
Jägermeister, Fernet-Branca, chocolate and cayenne milk